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2 simple ways to get specialty care

Get Online Consultation from your home

  • Select your desired specialty from the clinics listed below

  • See specialists & their schedules

  • Book appointment at your desired date and time

  • Our medical officer will take your history & guide you 

  • First time on-site visit is recommended

  • Subsequent consultations can be conducted online from your home

Visit our On-Site Clinic in 

Room D-250

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-26 at 5.36_edited

Or simply call us and we'll take care of everything! 

choose specialty clinic


Rheumatology Clinic 

for joints & muscles


Nephrology Clinic

for kidney health 

Memory Care.jpg

Neurology Clinic

for memory care


Hypertension Clinic 

for blood pressure


Walk-in Clinic 

for common medical conditions 


Other Specialties 

(coming soon)

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